Explore Lake Garda

Explore Lake Garda

Explore Lake Garda

If you are looking forward to exploring the areas around Lake Garda then there are lots of great places worth visiting, like the Lemon gardens, Park Natura Viva, Gardaland Amusement Park.

Lake Garda is a tourist spot par excellence owing to its natural beauty and crystal clear blue waters, though Italy has a number of lakes which are hot tourist spots, though Lake Garda is the largest Italian lake. The advantage point with Lake Garda is that it is ideally located to Verona, which is only 30km, while Milan and Venice are 100 and 130 Km, this attracts many domestic tourists who come to spend a leisurely weekend and also those international tourists who are on a tour of Italy.

There is no dearth of accommodation that is available here, Villas, cottages, luxurious hotels, lake facing rooms, whatever you desire it's easily available, Lake Garda has many tourist spots though the priority attraction is undoubtedly the Lake. People tend to spend the day enjoying the waters, there are many water sports facilities at Lake Garda, infact, Lake Garda is known for hosting sailing and wind surfing championship.

Lake Garda is ideal for water sports because of perfect wind speed and water, Mountain climbing is another adventurous sport that is enthusiastically enjoyed here, as well as Biking, Hiking, horse riding, canoeing, kayaking, fishing and angling, there is so much to do at Lake Garda that you will always want to extend your vacation.

The Climate is suitable most of the year, with the good weather it's ideal to enjoy the water front and picturesque views, July is the peak of summers and if you are looking for a get a tan, then this is the time to hit Lake Garda, boating is a unique experience at Lake Garda, you can enjoy the lake completely by taking a cruise or a motorboat, the scenes are so beautiful as if they have been hand painted by someone.

Lake Garda has something for everyone, for romantic couples or daters it offers exotic hotels and restaurants, pubs are also popular here, while for kids there are interesting Theme parks, infact Gardaland is the biggest in Italy, these amusement parks are places where you can spend some quality time with your family and kids.

Aqua paradise is a water park, where even adults become kids, for it is fun filled and very entertaining, nightlife at Lake Garda is hip and happening as there are plenty of bars & restaurants, sports bars, where you can watch your favorite soccer on a big screen.

Wine and olives are two famous symbols of Lake Garda, the Wine festival at Bodolino is the most famous event that witnesses huge number of international tourists, it is a week long event marked with music, dance and colorful festivities while the high point of event is free wine.

The Wine here is undoubtedly the best quality, on a similar fashion, Lake Garda takes pride in being Olive growers, International events create awareness. Food is an important aspect of every tour, Lake Garda has some of the best restaurants in Italy, they serve traditional and local cuisine, home made pasta and bread is a delicacy here.

Fresh fish is another food item you should try, there are even late night coffee shops, which are popular places for socializing with friends. To enjoy Lake Garda in its true form, take a walk along the waters, the backdrop of the mountains natural beauty and light blue water creates a panoramic view.

Lake Garda is at it's best in the early mornings during sunrise or sunset, there is a meditative peace at Lake Garda. The Lemon garden is a must see here at Lake Garda. It is a beautiful and unique experience. Varone waterfall is a rare geographical creation and now is a major tourist spot.

Small towns and villages in and around Lake Garda have their own stories to tell, these towns have an olden day charm as well as modern facilities, a perfect blend of simplicity and quietness, it is fun to stay in these small towns and feel the essence of an Italian town or village. Museums, Theatres and Art centres are the cultural backbone of Lake Garda, History buffs must visit Vittoriale Museum, Castelvecchio Museum, Wine Museum and many more.

Lake Garda undoubtedly has developed as a favorite tourist spot over the years, the authorities have made Lake Garda comfortable in terms of providing good roads, bus services, precise information and other such facilities to make their stay more pleasant and memorable.

If you are looking forward to a romantic, business or family vacation, then by all means Lake Garda is the most apt place, areas close to water always have a different type of peace and charm and that is what you will find at Lake Garda. The entire atmosphere of Lake Garda is laid back and relaxed, you have all means to rejuvenate yourself, Lake Garda plays the role of a perfect alchemist, a panacea of all stress and tension.


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