Getting Around Lake Garda

Getting Around Lake Garda

Getting Around Lake Garda

There are many ways to travel around Lake Garda, though one of the best ways to make the most of the beautiful scenary is by cycling. If your looking to use public transport then there are regular trains and buses that will take you to most of the towns & villages around Lake Garda.

Getting Around by Car

For those who love to drive to Lake Garda by car, the journey can be started from any European country like France, Switzerland, Germany or Austria, on the way you will find interesting picturesque views of mountains which include Lake Garda and is a spectacular sight. As there is no luggage restriction in Italy you can stop anywhere and buy many bargains.

However a car journey can be expensive as there are road tolls on the way, while driving on the mountain roads cross country routes should be avoided as they can be very steep or extremely twisty with a big drop on one side. During the peak season there is a lot of traffic, so travelling there by car can be hectic, a great care should be taken regarding fuelling as service stations are staffed for limited hours, the speed limit is around 130kph.

Getting Around Lake Garda by Train

Getting to Lake Garda by train is a very good option as railway lines have good links to the bottom part of the lake, the cost of the train is very cheap, travelling by train we get easy access to cities like Milan, Venice and Verona. The trains are usually on time and are reliable, these trains travel from East to West as they cannot go to the mountainous region, many times Italian train staff goes on strike therefore limiting services, there are three types of trains available (a) Euro star, they are the fastest and most expensive trains which run only between major cities, they are designed for comfort and speed.

High level services are available in these carriages as they are Air conditioned and roomy, (b) Intercity Basic trains which travel locally between towns and cities they are slow trains which stop at more stations and are quite cheap, the carriages are adequate for comfortable travel. (c) Diretti and Interregionali is Very basic and Very slow, and are less reliable trains which travel to all the small stations, no pre booking is available for these trains, train tickets are available at kiosks or automatic machines.

Getting Around Lake Garda by Motorbike

Taking a ride around the lakeside on a bike is a thrilling experience and the road for bikers is superb because there is less traffic and plenty of good views, many places have sharp turns and hairpin bends, slopes and corners, you also want to make sure you have plenty of fuel as some parts are quite isolated.

In comparison to the car, biking is better as you don't have to queue up during road congestions, bikes are manufactured in Lake Garda so Bikers are very much popular over here. There are many eateries along the sides of the roads, a great way to have fun and make new friends motor biking is a very good option.

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