Sightseeing in Lake Garda

Sightseeing in Lake Garda

Sightseeing in Lake Garda

Italy has some of the best scenary in the world and some of the views you will see around Lake Garda will simply take your breath away, the following places are definitely worth visiting, Strasa Dei Vini e Dei Sapori Del Garda, Varone Waterfall, Villag e Lucia, Parco Termale Del Garda.

Strasa Dei Vini e Dei Sapori Del Garda

It is part of the province Brescia and is covered by high mountains all around, extensive beaches and small ports makes it a picturesque view and a must visit site, the place is not only famous for beautiful landscape but also provides excellent facilities for sports and other cultural events.

They have plenty of culinary delights, excellent wines, olive oil, truffles, cheese mustards and fish make it a fabulous place, enjoy the authentic flavors of good cooking and a wide variety of products offered in Brescia. The cultural monuments of this city give a glimpse of the past 2000 years, when walking through Brescia you come across buildings dating from the Roman times, including Romanesque and Gothic churches as well as impressive squares and palaces.

Varone Waterfall

The Varone waterfall has a favorable and rare geographical location, it is situated in Varone and is three kilometers from the lake, the varone waterfall is formed by a rare and natural geological phenomenon. The water falls from a height of 87 m at the entrance of the cave and is a scene worth watching. A picnic area has been developed at the entrance of the waterfall where the visitors can enjoy a pleasant open air lunch and drinks, it was inaugurated with great enthusiasm on 20th June 1874.

The guests of honour were King John of Saxony and prince Nicholas of Montenegro. It is one of the best attractions in the area and maintains the sanctity of nature, the waterfall can be viewed from two points, the first observation point is at the lower cave and the second is the upper cave, which is 40m further up.

Village Lucia

Village Lucia is a paradise hanging in between the sky and the lake, it is situated on hillocks towering over Lake Garda with it's panoramic beauty, the most significant quality is it's scenic beauty, the beautiful scene of the highest mountains in the deep blue water of Lake Garda are unique and not to be seen anywhere else in the world.

It's a natural heaven which is unspoiled and untouched, on the opposite side Mount Baldo stands proudly giving a glimpse of its beauty, the roads of village Lucia at times juts out from the hanging cliffs, it only takes a few minutes driving down from Lake Garda.

Parco Termale Del Garda

The "Parco Termale del Garda" is situated in Cola di Lazise and is a unique and a fun loving place, it has a significant presence of silicon, potassium and magnesium, thermal Park Garda offers leisure, relaxation, amusement and wellness. People having who love nature can go for the leisurely walk in the hinterland.

The thermal water has a temperature of 37° and comes from 160m below the ground and goes into an artificially created lake, the water has a low in mineral content, thermal and free from chemical contaminants. These characteristics of water, makes it beneficial and useful both in prevention and in treatment of a wide range of skin diseases, such qualities of water has transformed this splendid park into a place of joy.

Caneva World

Caneva world is one of the biggest amusement parks in the world, it includes a double feature with both a movie studio park and a water park known as Aqua Paradise Park, with activities like stunt shows, horror shows, make-up shows 5D shows etc are fun and exciting. Aqua Paradise is a beautiful Italian waterpark and it is undoubtedly the best place to be if you want to enjoy a truly exciting water filled summer's day!

It has a beautiful landscape which gives you a feel of staying in a tropical island, with palm trees white sand beaches and pools adorning the beauty of the place, exciting splashing water slides, artificial waves, a spewing volcano, the ancient lighthouse and an entire fishing village gives you an unforgettable experience. There is even a coral reef with fierce sharks and ghost galleons! During the months of July and August the Night Festival takes place, with south-American dances, pubs, clowns and fireworks.
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The Loveliest excursions are available from Lake Garda for day trips and there are many to choose from, firstly there is Venice, the city of lakes and great architecture fascinate us with romantic gondola rides. Moving around the city on the on water is fabulous. A 90 min ride takes to St. Mark's square, secondly there is the fashionable city of Milan which also has the honour of being the biggest city in Italy. The Cathedral over here is a very impressive structure and draws a lot of tourists, only a 110 min drive from Lake Garda, this city is a shoppers' paradise with great fashion houses.

Another city that worth visiting is Verona with Romeo Juliet's balcony, a place of a great historical importance, this city is also known for Opera. Only 30 min drive from Lake Garda, and gives access to great views and buildings, skiing on the Dolomite Mountains is very exciting and is only 30 min to 180 min drive upwards. Exotic cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti and Pagani are manufactured near Lake Garda, motorbikes like Ducati, Moto Guzzi and Aprilia are also made over here. Visit to these factories are allowed and they are very enjoyable.

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